Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Facility Safety Printer

Facility Safety Label Printer

You need to increase the safety of your facility. How can you make a real difference, with real results? The SafetyPro industrial safety labeler. With the SafetyPro, you can create all kinds of safety labels and signs, increasing the visual awareness of your facility.

Custom Safety Signs

Did you know you could create custom safety labels and signs, right from your computer? With the SafetyPro, you can print those custom signs and labels on durable, self-adhesive vinyl, designed to last 6-8yrs even outdoors.

If you've been buying your labels and signs from a catalog, or worse, if you've been putting off labeling your facility, now is the time to act. Call 877-762-9280 today to find out how you can save up to 30% just by mentioning this blog.

Call 877-762-9280 to save on facility safety labeling!

Friday, March 20, 2009

UltraPeel Vinyl is the easiest to use

UltraPeel Vinyl

Have you ever had a hard time removing the backing from your vinyl labels? UltraPeel is the only solution that makes label application fast and easy, without added complexity and hassle.

Difficulty Removing Label Backing

Some people find that the backing of their vinyl labels is difficult to remove. While there are tricks to making removing the backing from standard vinyl easier, such as removing the backing from the vinyl and not the other way around, there is a better way: UltraPeel Vinyl.

Why is UltraPeel Better?

UltraPeel is better than standard vinyl because it makes peeling easy every time, without the need for tricks or fiddling. The backing on UltraPeel vinyl is wider than the vinyl, which means that there is a clear edge. You simply press on the edge and pull the vinyl up- it's easy!

What About Just Slicing the Backing?

Some low-quality vinyl stickers you've seen have a slit cut down the middle of the backing. You'll also find this on labels at OfficeMax, and even on some bumper stickers. It is a low-cost, quick solution to the problem of difficult-to-separate backing. Some vinyl labeling resellers also use this trick.

However, slicing the backing creates other problems, such as more shifting and bending as the label passes through the printer. This slit down the backing also exposes the adhesive to the air, which means your vinyl rolls will have a shorter shelf-life.

UltraPeel: The Total Solution

UltraPeel doesn't have any of the problems that slitting the backing has. In fact, the opposite is true: UltraPeel actually enhances label quailty. With added tear-resistance and better print quailty, UltraPeel is not just easy to use, it is BETTER. 

Call 877-762-9280 today for a Sample of UltraPeel

Want to see how UltraPeel compares? Call 877-762-9280 today and talk to a technical representative. We can help you with all of your labeling needs!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Make a Goal to Save on DuraLabel and SafetyPro in 2009

Make a goal to save more money on your DuraLabel or SafetyPro supplies in 2009! With ISS, you don't have to compromise on quality or service to save money. We offer the same great supplies you get from the original DuraLabel manufacturer, for a fraction of the cost! Call 877-762-9280 today and start saving on your DuraLabel supplies!

If you're looking for SafetyPro Supplies, look no further than ISS. We have the best supplies available for Arc Flash and RTK, and we offer quality indoor/outdoor vinyl for all your general labeling needs as well. Don't be fooled by imitators who sell paper-thin arc flash labels, buy from the best!

Remember, 877-762-9280 for all of your DuraLabel and SafetyPro supplie needs, and you'll save more in 2009!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Facility Maintenance Made Easy: SafetyPro Label Printer

The SafetyPro = Facility Maintenance Made Easy

You don't want to hassle with labeling your facilities... so get a SafetyPro and save yourself countless dollars, and countless hours. Other label printers make you waste tape, or lock you in to buying proprietary supplies. NOT THE SAFETYPRO!

With the SafetyPro, you will save time AND money.

With the SafetyPro, you're getting an Indusrial Quality Labeling System, used by thousands around the globe, including the US government and military. If the strongest organizations in the world trust SafetyPro, you can too.

Can your current label printer do all this?
  • Print to vinyl labels up to 4mil thick
  • Create labels that are petrol, UV, scratch and chemical resistant
  • Access an included chemical database for NFPA Diamon label printing
  • Print Arc Flash labels with included software, and Excel integration
  • Print OSHA, ANSI and other standards-based labels
  • Print multi-color die-cuts for pennies
  • Print for hours on end, up to 5" per second

Do you need a label printer that will get the job done quickly, without waste and without expensive supplies? The SafetyPro can do it.

Do you need a label printer that can print on vinyl up to 4mil thick, or tag stock up to 10mil thick? The SafetyPro can do it.

Do you need a label printer that will last for years, and is used and trusted by the federal government and military? The SafetyPro is IT.

Call 877-762-9280 today to find out more about this amazing label printer.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New sign printer is perfect for facility maintenance

This press release talks about a new sign printer that is perfect for facility maintenance managers:

Most label printers can only create a 4" wide label, but this printer can do a 9" wide label. This is idea for situations where you really want to create a full-sized sign. It is better than ordering from a catalog because you save so much money and can create a custom sign when you need it. You also get to choose the exact text and graphics that you want on the sign.

This printer is compared to the Brady PowerMark. The difference is that with the SafetyPro plus mentioned in the article above, you get up to 9" by 150' (50' longer than the Brady PowerMark), and you pay far less than you would for the machine and supplies than if you went with the Brady PowerMark.

Check it out, it is worth a look.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

OSHA safety guide- a free safety guide

They say that there's "no such thing as a free lunch." Though that may be true, that is just not the case when it comes to OSHA guides. You can get one or several free guides that can help you with compliance related labeling questions. Check out this site:

You simply select as many free guides as you want, checkout and they are sent directly to you. There are ANSI, OSHA and WHMIS guides available. The guides are free, and are geared toward big businesses and government outfits.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Portable label printing made easier

Often when you want to print labels in the field, you have to settle for a portable or hand held label printer than can only do 2". With the product below, the SafetyPro battery pack, you can use your desktop label printer as a portable label printer. The battery pack works with the SafetyPro and the DuraLabel.

The basic idea is that you would use your laptop, your label printer and this battery pack to print on site where your project is. It is a great concept that lets you use the label printer you are already used to as a portable label printer:

If you don't already have a label printer, you can get one on their site: